Kumar Gandharva et al.

Several compilations at www.itunesmp3.mobi/mp3

Kumar Gandharva

A collection: Bhoopali, Malkauns, Shuddh Shyam, Shree, Hameer, Bhimpalasi 

Gaud Malhar Part 1 1:20:39; Gaud Malhar Part 2 1:43:25

Todi  compilation 1:31:41

A collection of bhajans

Ahopati so upayi kachhu keejai Surdas (with Vasundhara Komkali?)

Surdas bhajans – single concert 1:54:12

Tukaram single concert 2:24:58 (with Vasundhara Komkali)

Tulsidas single concert 1973 1:56:31

A documentary on Kumar Gandharva (Films Division, Ministry of Broadcasting and Information, Government of India)

Jamuna kinare mero gaanv saanvare aijaiyo

Mukul Shivaputra

Bhuvanesh Komkali

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