BOT 202: Systematics, Evolution, and Environmental Biology

[This was written for the required introductory course taken by students of M.Sc. previous, in which I taught the portion on phylogenetics, 2010-2018]

Students of BOT 202: this brief introduction to evolutionary processes and history, fashioned after the syllabus of the bachelors’ course in Botany at the University of Delhi, is background reading for the part of the course you will do with me.

Read the first section before classes start in January. And read it again after lecture. Make sure you understand.

A couple of exercises on phylogenetic trees. Do them. If you do not understand, seek help. From your teacher. From Ph.D. students. Post any questions, related to the material, in the comments section.

Here are brief descriptions of a few concepts that students often confuse. We do not cover all in this course.

Explore other introductory material, especially the one at the University of California Berkeley

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