Bt cotton/GMOs – some opinions

7 Mar 2016 Try competition, not price control; government should set aside recommendation by agriculture ministry panel TOI Blog
3 Mar 2016 GM animus dooms Indian farmers: Innovation, not price control is the answer to affordable Bt cotton TOI Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
3 Mar 2016 The crisis in farm research IE CD Mayee, Bhagirath Choudhary, South Asia Biotechnology Centre
3 Mar 2016 OPINION: GMOs — A Balanced View Rossland Telegraph
29 Feb 2016 Hoping for agri-recovery FE Ashok Gulati “The govt needs to tackle water-intensive crops’ export and fertiliser subsidy leakages instead of hoping for La Nina”

13 Feb 2016 India must direct cos to withdraw Bt Cotton seeds ABP live blog Devinder Sharma
7 Feb 2016 Seed sovereignty, food security at stake Hans India N Venugopal Rao (retired professor of ANGR Agriculture University)

23 Jan 2015 Vandana Shiva “While Monsanto does not have a patent on Bt cotton in India, it goes outside the law to collect royalties as ‘technology fees’. Most of the 291,000 farmers suicides in India since 1995 when WTO came into force are concentrated in the cotton belt. And 95% cotton is now controlled by Monsanto.” The ecologist

13 Nov 2014  The Straw Man Anti-GMO Activist: Irrationalism Masquerading As Informed Debate 

3 Sep 2014 On Vandana Shiva

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