Calamus rotang L., distributed in the drier parts of peninsular India. (Often confused with C. australis Mart., which is occurs in N and E Queensland, Australia)

Tamiz பிரபங் கிழங்கு Pirapan kizhangu, Pirambu kizhangu and others [FRHLT]

Sanskrit वेत्रफल [vetraphala] [vetra-phala ] the fruit of Vetra Lit. Suśr.



vetra m. n. (fr.1. ;prob. connected with1. ve see veṇu) a kind of large reed (used for making sticks, prob. Calamus Rotang or Fasciculatus) etc.
vetra n. a cane, staff
vetra n. the rod or mace of an officer, staff of a door-keeper (See compound)
vetra n. the tube of a flute




or Vetra wines should be taken after astringent fruits. 
The Asava of Kanda [Khanda— D. R.] treated with the 
three pungent drugs known as the Trikatus should be 
taken after sweet fruits. Sour and fermented rice gruel 
should be taken after Tala fruits, etc. The wine of 
Durva, Nala, or of Vetra should be taken after 
pungent fruits. The Asava of Shvadanstra or of Vasuka 
should be taken after Pippalis, etc. Darvi, or Karira 
wines should be taken after Kushmandas, etc.










vetraphala n. the fruit of vetra  View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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