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Draft National Forest Policy

The Ministry of Environment and Forests, GOI has made available a draft National Forest Policy for comments due on April 14. Here is the draft: According to this the India Environment Portal, the MoEF says that (15/03/2018) The overall objective … Continue reading

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Discovering India in Delhi – 2

It is that time of year again–painting walls ruined by water seepage, or the dreaded सीलन. The painters are from Bihar, they say, from सीतामढ़ी, Mithila, Sita’s birthplace. What do you grow there, I ask, wheat and  rice, they say, so naturally … Continue reading

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Delhi Scientists March: 9 Aug, 2017

August 9 2017, 4 pm Mandi House to Jantar Mantar In the context of various ways in which funding is being axed, it is important that scientists in India make their voices heard. A march is being organized across … Continue reading

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Darwin Day

Celebrating Evolution and Evolutionary Biology Happy Birthday, Darwin! 12 February International Darwin Day At DU we celebrate Darwin Month  Every year since 2011 Darwin Day 2017           Darwin Day 2016       Darwin Day 2011 Like

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Turmeric: what you might not want to know

How and why does lead chromate (a poison) find its way int0 turmeric powder (an edible spice)? Lead chromate                   Turmeric              Central Food Technology Research Institute (CFTRI), … Continue reading

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Thalassemia: what does it mean to you?

I change this post as I discover new things, wrong things, more interesting things, etc. BEWARE if you don’t like the world dynamic. Recently I signed a petition that asks the government (specifically, Jagat Prakash Nadda, Minister of Health and Family Welfare) to make sure that thalassemic patients … Continue reading

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Bt Cotton and Monsanto’s patent

23 Feb 2016 Monsanto faces challenge from CICR’s Bt cotton varieties ET 18 Feb 2016 Competition Commission of India (CCI) orders investigation against Monsanto on govt complaint Business Standard Complaint by the agriculture ministry and three Indian companies — Nuziveedu Seeds, Prabhat Agri Biotech and Pravardhan Seeds. CCI … Continue reading

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Chilgoza and nutcrackers

We became familiar with Pinus gerardiana as undergraduates on field trips in the Himalaya in Himachal Pradesh and, of course, knew it as source of the most delicious chilgoza nut. Pinus gerardiana Wall. 1832; Pinus gerardiana               Well, … Continue reading

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Evolution of multicellularity in animals

Evolution of an ancient protein function involved in organized multicellularity in animals – Anderson et al. eLife 2016;5:e10147 Very interesting study about the evolution of multicellularity in animals. As has long been known in plants, animal studies conducted within the … Continue reading

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Rain Havoc in Tamil Nadu

In the context of the Chennai deluge, All India Radio (AIR) had a discussion on climate change, urban impacts and resilience in its regular feature, Current Affairs. VK Sharma, Professor, Indian Institute of Public Administration Nagraj Adve, Member, India Climate … Continue reading

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