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COVID-19 Vaccination: A Paean to the Public Health System

The first dose After cogitating about vaccines – which vaccine, where vaccine, when vaccine, what time vaccine, free/paid vaccine, what-about Cowin: whether register, whether schedule – for some days after vaccination was opened up on March1, 2021 to the general public >=60 … Continue reading

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COVAXIN information

Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR, New Delhi) Bare bones information on the vaccine (Bharat Biotech) Trials Pre-clinical (1) Immunogenecity and protective efficiency in hamsters iScience proof (pdf) (2) Immunogenecity and protective efficiency in rhesus macaques (preprint pdf)m (3) Safety immunogenecity (preprint bioRxiv) … Continue reading

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Dengue and Nilavembu kudineer (incl. Andrographis)

A Siddha medication, nilavembu kudineer, is being distributed by the Tamil Nadu government to control dengue in the state. What is it, and what is the scientific support for the practice? Nilvembu kudineer is a concoction of nilavembu நிலவேம்பு, Andrographis paniculata,  the chief … Continue reading

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Primers – PepsiCo, potatoes, Indian IPR

Cottage Industry of write-ups and videos on the topic The Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights (PPV&FR) Act, 2001, in context 25 April PepsiCo and potato farmers case  07 May What is seed sovereignty? PepsiCo case 16 May  Referring page Like

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GM Brinjal, Haryana

What we do know:  Where? Sirsa and Fatehabad Districts, Haryana What we do not know: What? – GM brinjal – not Bt brinjal?? Whose? – Mahyco? TNAU Coimbatore? UAS Dharwar? Bangladesh? Other? 2019 05 18 Illegal GM brinjal was second crop, officials destroy … Continue reading

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PepsiCo, Potatoes – and Reuters (BAD BAD BAD)

I have no idea how much pressure the BJP government applied on PepsiCo to withdraw its lawsuits against Gujarat farmers (I do know that RSS was involved via its Bharatiya Kisan Sangh), but REUTERS! it is surely misleading (to put … Continue reading

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PPV&FRA – Extant variety (VCK); Farmers’ rights

THE PROTECTION OF PLANT VARIETIES AND FARMERS’ RIGHTS ACT, 2001 (pdf) Extant Varieties Chapter I – 2j (j) “extant variety” means a variety available in India which is— (i) notified under section 5 of the Seeds Act, 1966 (54 of 1966); … Continue reading

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Potatoes, Pepsico, PPV&FR

Some background on the Gujarat farmer-Pepsico war What is this hot potato, anyway? Potato cultivar FL2027 patent holder is Frito Lay North America Inc. This is the same name under which it was registered (2016) under the PPV&FRA, 2001, India … Continue reading

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Kerala Rains Flood

News updates: Times of India  CAG Report on Schemes for Flood Control and Flood Forecasting, Link to complete document NIDM Lecture Series: Reservoir operations in the context of flood risk management (Himanshu Thakkar, IITB). Also see SANDRP site for written account.     Like

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Thoothukudi – Sterlite et al.

Updates on the continuing story of Sterlite in Thoothukudi Nothing in Bharat is simple. Spaghetti continues to be the best analogy–pick up one end and you don’t know whether you will pick up a simple, single thread of a story, … Continue reading

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