Darwin Day

Happy Birthday, Darwin!

Charles Darwin’s name is tightly linked to the idea that evolution, or descent with change, which is brought about by the process of natural selection. Another biologist, Alfred Wallace, also formulated similar ideas at the same time.

Darwin’s birthday, 12 February, is celebrated across the world to remind people about what evolution is, and how we understand it today.

International Darwin Day


University of Delhi: The idea of evolution has been marked through diverse activities (talks, displays, games, street plays) at the University of Delhi.  2018   2017   2016  2015  2013  2012  2011

Now, as “biologist-at-large”, I am involved in similar celebrations in Chennai with Tamil Nadu Science Forum and Institute of Mathematical Sciences Outreach.

2023: Elliot’s Beach, Besant Nagar, Chennai

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2 Responses to Darwin Day

  1. Sunanda says:

    Amazing that so many people turned up for Darwin and evolution.

    • rgeeta says:

      Well, it was the beach on a Sunday evening, and is generally very crowded. Just a fraction of the crowd you have glimpses of in the pictures actually stopped to look. But yes, a decent number did stop to look and ask and play. Many thought the Brassicas might be organic, and for sale…

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