COVID-19 Treatment

In general, there are no known effective anti-viral drugs — not for the common cold, not for influenza, not for HIV, and not for COVID-19. Antibiotics do not work.

For mild disease in the case of COVID-19, symptoms are treated (control fever, keep hydrated), and for more severe disease, oxygen support and anti-inflammatory drugs may be given. Here are guidelines from various organisations:

NHS (UK) Bottomline on clinical management of COVID-19

ICMR Clinical guidance for management of adult COVID-19 patients (pdf)

WHO COVID-19 home-care bundle for healthcare workers

CDC Therapeutic management of adults with COVID-19

Many anti-viral drugs are being suggested, pushed, promoted, revoked — and researched — to prevent or treat COVID-19. It is difficult to keep track of all that is going on. Here is a “living” (updated) guideline from WHO that informs the general public on  whether a drug is known to work or not:

WHO Therapeutics and COVID-19: living guideline

Here is a link to living research evaluations, in case you would like to dig deeper into the question:

COVID-END COVID-19  Updated summary of scientific evidence for clinical management]


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