pooshini/petha/ash-gourd/Benincasa hispida

However small a fruit one buys, it is always large. That is, lots to experiment with.

Much modified recipe for Kairi Chi Amti to make a Pooshini Chi Amti.

  1. Chop up ash gourd; cover with a suspension of coconut milk + red chile powder, turmeric, coriander powder, salt; keep for about 30 min
  2. Heat oil in kadhai, add mustard seeds and hing /perunkaayam /asafoetida
  3. Add the ash gourd + marinade, cook over low heat until done
  4. Add a mixture of coconut milk and brown sugar (did not have the jaggery called for), curry leaves (my addition), simmer for a bit.

I had it with Kerala red rice.

A quasi-dal/koottu/soup with sowa/dill

  1. Soak mung dal (~half cup?) for about 30 min or until soft
  2. Chop up the gourd (~two cups?), add to the dal
  3. Add a tiny pinch (or two) hing/kaayam/asafoetida and a larger pinch (or two) haldi/manjal/turmeric
  4. Boil over low flame until nearly cooked
  5. In a kadhai/baanli/wok heat some (1 T) oil, 1/2 t cumin seeds, brown then add a green chile (or two)*
  6. Add the dal-gourd mix and a handful of finely cut sowa/dill leaves
  7. Simmer until you think you should stop

*I guess this could be a tadka at the end so you don’t end up with two dishes; the one in which you make the koottu could also be the serving dish.


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