All in a morning’s walk to work

Starting with this donation left on a parapet wall outside the front door to my IMG_2039flat by a passing monkey — my best guess for the origin of this bit of morning toilette in this unlikely spot.



Then, this view of our India of great contrasts. Also, is this what theyIMG_2040 call neo-colonialism (or is that post-colonialism) — we cannot make out whether to stay on the left side of the road, like our British masters told us to, or to try the right side, in a new post-colonial US-ian way?


Well, maybe it is time for counselling (noting, as I write this, that the editor IMG_2041on this site wants to make that counseLing) to deal with all this confusion (being, as I am, an IBCD or Indian Born Confused Desi) and associated angst…




…not to speak of the fear of dengue against which the Delhi government IMG_2043wants to protect me. Hmm, really? It is that easy to control dengue?



But hey, what’s this?–my faith in humanity is restored! Just look at this considerate person–I IMG_2044did not slip on THAT banana peel now, did I? 






So I start my day at work in a cheerful frame of mind.

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