Annoyances–here today, gone tomorrow OR, more MAYA

On that first day after a relaxing winter vacation, as I strode unsuspectingly to class, I almost ran into it.

Jan 2016 Mall Rd_Chhatra Marg -3

January 2016

A construction that suddenly loomed on (or is that IN) my way to work.

We used to have (mobile) cars parked in the way.

DUmetro17Jul2015 1975

Hooray!!  We now had a permanent structure.

It stayed on, adding extensions on its left ….

2016 03 21 extension and trash IMG_2419

March 2016

…on its right…not to speak of an annoyingly intrusive and increasingly dirty trash-can.

2016 03 21 extension and trash IMG_2417

March 201

The traffic problem continued, and continued to increase, now with the invasion of those pesky-not-autos-not-cycle-rickshas-not-motor-vehicles.

2016 05 20 New Metro Juic and Shake pavement side sales

May 2016

And so till the end of the semester and the beginning of the new one, until, hey presto, one day…

2016 09 22 IMG_2552

September 2016

…it was gone. As suddenly as it had appeared.

Kya baat hai!

माया है!!!

Unfortunately the equally new, not-quite-in-the-way-but-getting-there गन्ने का रस kiosk was removed, as well.

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